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Antique Frame Restyled

antique frame restyled

This intriguing antique frame was just waiting to be restyled.  I walk through this world on the lookout for forgotten treasures.  There is always something beautiful hiding in the very back behind the wear and  tear, dirt and grime.  Those forgotten things are usually the best pieces for restyling projects, plus it is like a real treasure hunt!  So, when  this antique frame popped into my view, I immediately saw the potential. I could tell it was an awesome piece even beneath all the dust and grime.

This antique frame was beautiful and rich with intricate details. Even with just a little elbow grease and cleaning, it was amazing and I knew it would be a treasure for years to come.

I wanted this antique frame restyle to be a functional piece for today so I thought why not restyle as a chalkboard?

In my haste to get started on this restyle I missed getting a before photo.  I could kick myself but a lesson learned for sure! Anyway, here is the step by step process of turning this trash into treasure:

1. Cleaned frame with Dixie Belle White Lightening
2. Rinsed well with clear water
3. Armed with a Dixie Belle brush and Dixie Belle Caviar paint, I applied a light base coat into crevices of frame. This adds dimension to the details.
Dixie Belle paint - Caviar

4. Next, there was a coat of Dixie Belle Mason Dixon Gray, a personal favorite, that is a beautiful neutral gray with great blue hues. Let dry completely before moving forward!
Dixie Belle Paint

5. Have a cup of tea, watch something on Netflix, or if you are really struggling for patience, clean something!
6. Now, it’s time to use a new technique! Using a DRY BRUSH technique, apply Dixie Belle Fluff over the entire frame. This application will accentuate the details and highlights the blue tone.
Fluff by Dixie Belle paint Company

7. Finally - the top coat! Using Dixie Belle Easy Peasy Spray Wax makes it super quick and the matte finish is one of my favorites!
Dixie Belle Easy Peasy Spray Wax
8. Lastly, I had a piece of chalkboard cut to fit and finish the project.
Chalkboard Frame


This antique frame is now ready for grocery lists, things to do, and some favorite motivational quotes!


What will inspire you?

Happy Decorating!

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