The Art of Mixing Old & New

My passion for creating beautiful spaces started long ago, fueled by years of upcycling furniture and lending a hand to friends and family with their home decor projects.

Initially, my vision was captivated by the history and charm of antiques. Growing up in a rural farming area of NC, I was drawn to the art of transforming 'nothing' into something special, breathing new life into vintage pieces and crafting unique spaces that tell stories. My knack for making magic with antiques and forgotten finds has become my signature.

Over time, my vision evolved into something a little more unique - blending a mix of vintage and antique treasures along side the new. That is when Willow Tree and Company came to life in 2015.

I'm happy you're here and I invite you to shop online or if your local, visit us during one of our Market Day Events.


Sharing my Passion with the You

With my experience in real estate, custom home building, and home staging, I discovered a deep sense of fulfillment in collaborating with clients on their design projects, helping clients find their own style and building on that is extremely rewarding!

Welcome to Willow Tree and Company