How to make a wreath

How to Make a Wreath - My Style

How to make a wreath - my style is one of the most asked questions from clients. Creating a custom wreath is easy when you follow these simple steps. First rule, there are no rules. You can add anything you like to a wreath!

Tips and Tricks for creating your style

  • Choose the right size and shape for your space
  • Choose the right colors to contrast with the background where you will hang the finished wreath
  • Choose base greenery that is suitable for more than one season
  • Choose florals for the season or the vibe you are looking to create
  • Choose ribbon that is the right size and texture for your design

I prefer to make wreaths that are easy to update for each season. I never glue anything and I always use pipecleaner instead of floral wire. These two things alone make updating a wreath for the season simple and quick.

wreath making supplies

Start by choosing a sturdy well made grapevine wreath that is the right shape and size for the space where it will hang. In this case I am using a round shape. A full bodied base wreath is key to a sturdy and substantial design that will hold up with the weight added with greenery and florals.

I chose this hanging style greenery as my base for this wreath. It is a little different and you know I like different!! But it can also be used for any season so it is a great base for any wreath.

Next, I decide on the florals I want to incorporate into my design. For this wreath I chose a simple white. It is dainty and gives me a relaxing cozy cottage vibe.

Lastly, I select the ribbon for the final touch. Burlap it is for this one. It is a staple for me. I am not a bow person so it is simple and not overly frilly. And for the record every wreath doesn't need a bow.......I actually prefer NO bow ever! 

Final tips for creating a Wreath

Think outside the box when creating your own wreath. Incorporate things that you like. Your style is all about you so really anything goes. Throw in a welcome sign or some wood ornaments that flow with your theme. This just gives you some tips and pointers to get started with creating the perfect wreath for your space! I would love to see some photos!

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