Let’s Talk Developing Your Home Decor Style

Let’s Talk Developing Your Home Decor Style

TRUTH - When it comes to your home decor style, it really should be a reflection of you - your loves and your favorites and your lifestyle! Each of us have a style we are drawn to.  Rather than following trends, and choose pieces that you truly love and that make you smile when you look at them.

For me personally, I am drawn to a vintage earthy moody style that I often refer to as modern rustic with a vintage vibe. This is a style I have been drawn to forever and I love creating a flow, mixing new and old! That said, I will occasionally add trendy items that catch my eye and compliment that modern rustic style I love!

Tips for Developing Your Home Decor Style

Still stuck on how to really pin down your style? No worries - here are my top tips to help you develop your home decor style! Read on and let's get going!
  1.  Trust your gut and go with what you are drawn to naturally.  What colors or patterns do you continually gravitate toward when you're out shopping? Do you always pick up silver or gold accents? Pay attention to what you are drawn to - and then say hello to your style!
  2. Splurge on big-ticket items ONLY if you love it and will keep it indefinitely. I personally recommend neutral pieces when it comes to big-ticket items but I’m an earthy neutral kind of gal. If pink or stripes are your thing then by all means roll with it! Invest in those pieces that both bring you joy and have staying power!
  3. Incorporate vintage pieces that you truly love to give your space a unique and cozy character. One rule when adding pieces though -  don’t be a clutter bug, please!  There IS such a thing as too much of a good thing so be picky when adding to your home!
  4. Create a flow by choosing throws, pillows, drapes, bedding, and other textiles that work for your room. Think of these items as the icing on a cake and let them do the complimenting - not all of the talking!
  5. Create a refreshing atmosphere in your home by combining both faux and real greenery.  We understand that sometimes real plants aren't a fit due to lighting in a room or simply preference.  Just know you can combine both to create a warm and refreshing environment.
  6. Good lighting can take your space from good to AMAZING! It’s important to choose light fixtures and lamps that both complement your decor and create the right ambiance.

Above all, remember that your style should be a reflection of what you love, not necessarily what's on-trend. If you spot a trend that interests you - go for it! If you watch trends take over that you can’t stand - don’t be afraid too skip out! YES, I said that :)

I hope this helps you in creating your authentic home decor style.

Creating Cozy & Refreshing Style,
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