Quick and Easy DIY Wood Furniture Repair Technique

Quick and Easy DIY Wood Furniture Repair Technique

You can master this quick and easy DIY wood furniture repair technique! It is so simple and doesn't require a lot of time or products. Lets face it... You know it when you see it... that perfect piece of furniture. A beautiful, vintage piece that reminds you of the one your grandma had. You have to have it! It may be a table that generation after generation sat around for dinner on Sunday after church, a rocking chair that put many babies to sleep, or a bedside table that held framed photos and old lamps. This time, for me it, it was this lovely set of Jacobean chairs.


vintage dining chairs  diy project

It never fails, when you find THAT piece and look a little closer, you realize that the perfect piece isn't so perfect. You know it was loved by someone just like you for many years, but the years are definiately showing. The history and character of vintage furniture pieces are what make them so special. The blemishes only make it more interesting and valuable to vintage lovers but missing and broken pieces are not attractive. 

Seeing this over and over inspired me to learn this quick and easy DIY wood furniture repair technique. I think of it as mending the scars of a well-loved piece so that someone else can cherish it for many more years.

This wood furniture repair technique allows problem areas to be restored quickly and without utilizing a lot of products

So this set of vintage set of Jacobean style dining chairs were dreamy! Very sturdy with gorgeous details! When I took a closer look a couple of them had damaged tips but I had to have them so I put my "repair techniques" to work!

damaged wood chair - diy chair repair

First, I dusted off the area that needed to be repaired really well. Next, I mixed some Amazing Mold Putty from Amazon following the instructions step by step. Once the mold was on I allowed this to dry for a short time, maybe 15-20 minutes. Next, I mixed some Professional Bondo Filler from Lowe's. Be sure to only mixed enough for a small patch because bondo dries very fast and you have to work quickly. I filled the putty mold with enough bondo to get into all of the crevices of the mold. Then I applied the mold to the tip and pressed firmly to make sure it held in place and that all of the crevices were full of bondo so the details come out nicely. I used paper towels to wipe the excess bondo that squished out around the edges of mold. Then, I waited on the bondo to dry according to the instructions.

molding project for wood repair
bondo wood filler applied and ready to sand

Once the bondo had dried, I removed the mold and sanded the edges to blend with the natural wood.

diy chair repair with bondo wood filler


It really was that easy! Next, I will be painting these (guess what color :)  and upholstering some new seats.  Then this set of vintage beauties will be ready for a new home. Be on the look out for the complete chair makeover coming soon!

I encourage you to try this quick and easy DIY wood furniture repair technique yourself and send photos! It's a great feeling to save a piece of history!

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