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Rejuvenate Old Wood

Rejuvenate Old Wood

I have to share this simple easy way to rejuvenate old wood with you friends!  I always test out new products multiple times before I recommend.  Howdy-Do Hemp Seed Oil has become one of my go to products for rejuvenating old wood!  It is easy to use and WOW - look at the results!

How to rejuvenate old wood with Howdy-Do Hemp Seed Oil

I start by cleaning all of my pieces with White Lightning.  Once this step is complete for pieces I am using hemp oil on I allow to dry overnight. Here is the chair after cleaning.

How to rejuvenate old wood with hemp oil

The next day I apply Howdy-Do Hemp Seed Oil by Dixie Belle with a dark lint free cloth or bush.  I choose to use a cloth when applying to chairs because it is easier to get on the round areas with a rag.  If I am applying to flat surfaces I use a brush.  You use what feels best for you!

I let this sit and soak in overnight.  The next day I buff over the entire piece with a clean lint free cloth.

Howdy-Do Hemp Seed Oil

You cannot beat this product for bringing life back to dry dull looking wood!

Howdy-Do Hemp Seed Oil is a wonderful finishing product over top of dark paint colors too.  Dark colors are more difficult to get a  nice streak free look when top coating.  I know use Howdy-Do Hemp Seed Oil over all of my dark finishes.  It give just the right amount of sheen.  Remember when applying it takes a full 30 days for curing!  It will be dry but not cured.  There is a difference.

Try this out and let know how it works!  I would love to see your photos of before and after.

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