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Black Lace Soap

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Black Lace Soap

Nourish your skin with our Black Lace Soap made with activated charcoal and organic oils. This Black Lace Soap is crafted to clean, nourish and leave your skin feeling super silky. Blended with good-for-your-skin ingredients and lightly scented with delicate creamy vanilla this rustic bar is perfection! Handcrafted in the USA. 5.25 oz bar Black Lace Soap Black Lace Soap Black Lace Soap 

Treat your skin right with superior soaps and lotions made from organic ingredients.

Ingredients: water, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic RSPO palm oil, organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, kokum butter, sodium hydroxide, mulberry silk, fragrance, activated charcoal, gold mica