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Face Mask

Face Mask

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Nourish your face with our Rose Clay Face Mask or Lavendar Clay Face Mask! Treat yourself to a spa facial without leaving home.

Our speciality Rose Clay Face Mask gets its beautiful rose hue from a glorious combination of Rose Clay, Pink Brazilian Clay, and Kaolin Clay. The whipped lotion like texture of this face mask, which when exposed to air, gently starts to harden and dry on your skin without leaving your skin uncomfortably tight. While perfect for either oily or dry skin, this mask was especially made with older mature skin in mind.

 Our specialty Lavendar Clay Face Mask is specifically made with sensitive, dry skin in mind. Scented with lavender essential oil, this calming facial mask is the answer for rejuvenating dull dry skin.

Give yourself 10-20 minutes of well deserved pampering by gently applying mask to a clean, dry face. Allow to dry and rinse with warm water. For sensitive skin, try 10 minutes the first time you use the mask.

Treat your skin right with superior soaps and lotions made from organic ingredients. 

Rose Clay Face Mask Ingredients: Rose Clay, Pink Brazilian Clay, Kaolin Clay, Rosehip Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Chamomile Extract, Grapefruit Essential Oil, BTMS 50 Emulsifier, Polawax Emulsifier, Optiphen, Water
Lavendar Clay Face Mask Ingredients: Purple Brazilian Clay, Kaolin Clay, Argon Oil, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Extract, Lavender Essential Oil, BTMS 50 Emulsifier, Polawax Emulsifier, Optiphen, Water
Optiphen - Because of the added water to the mask, a preservative is necessary to prevent bacteria or mold growing. We shy away from preservatives, but this one is paraben and formaldehyde free. We believe this is the most natural option available and  are comfortable adding when necessary.



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